10.25.18WTA Endorses Jahana Hayes and Ron Napoli, Jr.



On behalf of the one thousand six hundred members of the Waterbury Teachers Association (WTA), it is with great pleasure that we announce our organization’s official endorsement of the following candidates in the November 6, 2018 election.

United States House of Representatives
Connecticut 5th Congressional District: JAHANA HAYES (D)

Connecticut State House of Representatives
73rd District: RON NAPOLI, JR. (D)

The WTA comprises teachers of an incredible diversity of background and thought with a proven, singular commitment to enriching the lives of the tens of thousands of talented students that we support every year in Waterbury.

Education is the foundation of our great democracy and the key to our national prosperity both economically and culturally. In order to elevate our political discourse to overcome the myriad societal challenges we must inject our system of government with renewed energy from new political leadership.

As experienced, caring professional educators and community leaders, Jahana Hayes and Ron Napoli, Jr. have consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the upward advancement of our citizenry’s local and regional interests, showing a deep respect and tolerance for differing opinions and beliefs. Jahana and Ron will tirelessly promote our local and state interests in Hartford and Washington, D.C. and get things done to help people. It is because of their incredible work ethic, earnest resolve and strength of mind that we attest that Jahana and Ron will fight to promote strong public schools and competent governance grounded in their high standards of ethics and integrity. The WTA fully supports Jahana Hayes and Ron Napoli, Jr. on election day, November 6, 2018.

10.05.182018 CEA Holiday Bear Project

The Connecticut Education Foundation's (CEF) Holiday Bear Project is our holiday gift-giving project that links CEA members, the public, and businesses with needy public school students. Bear down for a worthy cause by sponsoring a needy Connecticut child. Your efforts will help the child bear up during the holidays.

More than 10,000 Connecticut public school students have benefited from the holiday program since it began in 1998.

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12.21.15 2016-2019 NEW Teacher Contract - Summary of Highlights


* General wage increase in year one for all teachers, step advancement in years two and three for all teachers not on top step.
* General wage increases for all three years for teachers at top step.
* 2% Increase to Sports and Advisory stipends in year three.
*No increases to length of workday/work year.

2. Insurance Changes –Health Savings Account/High Deductible Health Plan (HSA/HDHP).

* Effective September 1, 2015 - HSA/HDHP becomes primary plan, same plan as BOE administrators and other Waterbury employee groups. Teacher share of premium cost drops to 16% in year one, 18% in year two and 19% in year three (compared to current PPO now at 22%). HSA plan coverage is identical to current PPO plan coverage.

* Health Savings Account – Every Teacher Participating in HDHP Plan will be provided by the Board a Health Savings Account (HSA). Board will contribute 60% of plan deductible into the HSA in year 1 and 50% of plan deductible in both year 2 & 3. Funds in account are 100% owned by the teacher and can be accumulated year over year.

* CIGNA will be scheduling presentations throughout the spring 2016 to disclose details of the plan and answer questions.

* PPO plan (OAP) will continue as a buy up option.
* Prescription co-pays will be $5 for generic, down from the current $10 for generic.
* Dental Insurance premium cost will remain at 20% for all three years.
* POE plan eliminated effective August 31, 2016.

3. Major Language Improvements

-Ten (10) sick days use for adoption/paternity leave.
-Greater funeral leave flexibility for out of state or extended period of burials/ceremonies.
-No staff meetings on Fridays or day before scheduled day off, holidays or vacation.
-Reduced timelines to address class overages.
-Reduced teaching time for athletic directors.
-Added new stipend positions (unified sports coaches, robotics, assistant JV soccer, indoor track, assistant cheerleading).


WTA Negotiations Team:

Kevin Egan, Ray Santovasi, Ryan Sullivan, Pat Ospalek, Maryellen Massimo, Lori DiTillo, George Flaherty, Tom Northrop, Fran Mullen, Doreen Lopez, Kay Barbieri, Leslie Dempsey, Lisa Ieronimo, Maureen McCasland, Andrew Luchina, Steve Tansley, Scott Schulte, Michele Brittingham, Diana Gavrilis, Jim Tessitore (CEA UniServ Rep)

10.28.15WTA releases its 2015 PAC Endorsements for upcoming election.


On behalf of the one thousand six hundred members of the Waterbury Teachers Association, it is with great pleasure that we announce our organization’s official endorsement of the following City of Waterbury candidates in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 3, 2015:

Mayor: Neil M. O’Leary (D)

Board of Education:
Liz Brown (D)
Anne Sweeney (D)
Chuck Pagano (D)
Jason Van Stone (R)
Bryan McEntee ( R)

Board of Aldermen: Ron Napoli, Jr. (D)

The public school teachers of Waterbury are an integral part of the City’s continuing drive towards educational excellence in public school education. Through the combined efforts of our teachers, school officials and elected leaders we continue to work together to positively transform the educational environment in Waterbury for the betterment of our students.

The candidates endorsed by the Association have demonstrated a profound commitment to support Waterbury’s teachers in our continuing quest to provide Waterbury’s students with a sterling educational foundation that our great City can be proud to support. The strength of our teachers lies in the strength of public education.

Kevin Egan
Waterbury Teachers Association

09.28.15Are you considering retirement?

2015-16 Retirement Workshop
Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
Kennedy High Auditorium
4:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Understand and Plan Your Retirement! Workshops are held around the state in the Fall and in early Spring . Any CEA member who wishes to begin planning for Retirement is encouraged to attend. It is never too early to educate yourself.

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10.16.14WTA Press Release - Gubernatorial Election

As one of the largest local teacher unions in Connecticut, the Waterbury Teachers Association (WTA) has always considered its role as spokesperson for our 1600 members to be of paramount importance. When this role extends into the political arena, we strive to ensure that our membership’s opinions are carefully considered when endorsing candidates for office. After careful polling of our entire membership and with the full support of our WTA executive board and our local political action committee, the WTA has decided that no endorsement will be offered to any gubernatorial candidate. Our philosophy has always been that a candidate must demonstrate a prolonged and consistent support and respect for the ideals and professional standards that we cherish as educators. The past four years of state leadership have created unnecessary challenges to our professional standards, calling into question the work ethic, commitment, and skill level of teachers throughout Connecticut. Many of these challenges took the form of dubious educational reforms quickly thrust upon our profession, seemingly without any forethought as to their true implications and potential for success. When we consider these policy decisions in light of the best interests of our students, the approach taken becomes even more disconcerting. The WTA supports candidates that value public school education and recognize that public school teachers are not part of the problem, but an integral part of the solution. We believe that a successful gubernatorial candidate must embrace a collaborative policy that provides for significant teacher input to ensure success, an approach, which at its core, reinforces and stabilizes the public school educational model that our country was built upon, with appropriate resources and positive recognition of the role our teachers fill in this historically successful model. Our students deserve no less from our leaders.

09.08.14K-3 State Mandated Bienniel Reading Survey Overview

Summary Of K-3 State Biennial Required Reading Survey:
Section 13 of Public Act 13-245 requires that, commencing in the 2014-15 school year and biennially thereafter, any teacher during the 2014-15 school year who holds an Elementary Education, Integrated Early Childhood N-3 teaching in Grades K, 1, 2, and 3 will be required to complete the survey.
Who must take it:
Any teacher holding a certificate endorsed in one of the following areas and serving in a position requiring such an endorsement and teaching in Grades Kindergarten, 1, 2 or 3 must complete the survey during the 2014-15 school year:
 Integrated ECE/Sped. Nursery–K and Elementary 1-3 (#113)
 Elementary education (#001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 008, 013, or 305)
 Bilingual elementary education (#009, 902)

Teachers exempt from survey in 2014-2015:
Any teacher who took and passed the Foundations of Reading Test will be exempt from taking the survey this year. Teachers who hold more than one certification endorsement in addition to the above and are not serving under the above endorsements will not be required to complete the survey.

When & how will the survey be administered:
The survey will be delivered via internet-based website link. Teachers must use their school or district computer sites to complete the survey. The survey will be administered in two windows: Window 1—September 15 to November 14, 2014; and Window 2—January 5 to February 6, 2015. The second survey window may be extended or a third window added to accommodate teachers who could not complete it during the designated dates. District liaisons will receive from the Connecticut Department of Education a list of teachers who are required to complete the survey based on holding the above criteria.

10.30.13WTA Candidate Endorsements


On behalf of the one thousand six hundred members of the Waterbury Teachers Association, it is with great pleasure to announce our organization’s official endorsement of the following City of Waterbury candidates in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 5, 2013:

Mayor: Neil M. O’Leary (D)

Board of Education:
Karen Harvey (D)
Felix Rodriguez (D)
Charles Stango (R)
Ann Sweeney – Petitioning Candidate
Thomas Van Stone Sr. (R)

Board of Alderman: Ron Napoli, Jr. –(D)

The public school teachers of Waterbury are a critical component in the enhancement of the City’s educational and cultural environment. Each and every one of our teachers strive to promote standards of scholastic excellence for the students of our great City and will continue to do so for generations to come.

These candidates have demonstrated a positive commitment to ensuring that those in our teaching profession have the necessary support to continue the noble mission of providing great education to the great citizens of Waterbury.

Kevin Egan, President, Waterbury Teachers Association

08.24.13CT SDE Circular Letter C-3 regarding requirement of Reading Survey

Click link contained in title above to read the full SDE letter regarding the requirement for Survey or testing on Reading Instruction.

07.11.13CEA Participates in Key Flexibility Decision on Teacher Evaluation and Student Testing


Student state test scores will not have to be included in teachers' 2013-14 evaluations if a plan announced today clears a few hurdles this summer.

The plan was unveiled by Governor Dannel P. Malloy as he explained that he is also offering school districts the option to administer the Common Core-aligned Smarter Balanced assessment rather than the CMT and CAPT in 2013-14.

Specifically, the governor's plan is to seek the U.S. Department of Education's authorization to provide Connecticut school districts flexibility on two fronts: administering just one test to students during the next school year, and giving local school districts the power to decide whether or not to include that test data in teachers' evaluations. State officials said that districts will have to include evidence of student learning in evaluations in the absence of test data.

Governor Malloy said he unveiled the waiver idea before the state Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) because it is the state panel that developed Connecticut's framework for the educator evaluation and support system. CEA and other education groups are members of PEAC.

Today PEAC approved the Connecticut waiver application. The next hurdle is review, and, hopefully, approval by the State Board of Education on Monday. After State Board of Education action, state officials can make the formal waiver request to the U.S. Department of Education. Governor Malloy hopes to hear from Washington by September.

Governor Malloy emphasized that he hopes his action will encourage districts to forge ahead with the new Common Core-aligned Smarter Balanced assessment testing. "Let's get one under our belt before we have to. If I were a school superintendent, I would want my students and teachers to have more time with the new test before it becomes a requirement," the governor said.

At least twenty percent of Connecticut students will have to participate in the new tests for Connecticut to be eligible for the waiver, according to state officials.

CEA President Sheila Cohen said, "Never before have teachers been confronted with so much change all at once. While our front-line educators have stepped up to the challenge, we have consistently cautioned that Connecticut must get reform done right. In that spirit, we have collaborated with top state officials and are pleased with today's announcement from the governor. Our goal has been—and will continue to be—to advocate for the policies, resources, and support students and teachers need to meet world-class standards."